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REASSURANCE. When an insurer is desirous of lessening his liability, he may procure some other insurer to insure him from loss, for the insurance he has made this is called reassurance.

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They constantly seek information and reassurance for example, obsessively researching illnesses on the internet, visiting their GPs frequently and having tests that don't find any problems.
The minister's reassurances came when well-wishers from South Beirut suburbs congratulated him on his accession to Villa Boustros as foreign minister of Lebanon.
He asked for reassurances about Kraft's plans to protect jobs and the firm's heritage - and was told that the total number of manufacturing jobs would not be cut.
Asked afterwards what reassurances he could give them, he said: "I think people do understand that no other offer has come forward for HBOS, that the Lloyds TSB/HBOS deal guarantees a very substantial amount of Government funding in the banks and I believe that as the resumption of lending takes place, which is part of the deal, that the jobs of people here will become more secure.
Reassurance seeking, proposed to be a form of checking, may exacerbate checking behaviour in the long run.
Mr O'Brien added: "I intend to ask the Strategic Rail Authority to arrange for meetings with rail users in Polesworth, Atherstone and Bedworth to provide the reassurances that are needed.
The Government's plan will ensure the discriminatory law is thrown out, while giving parents reassurance about the way gay issues are handled in the classroom.
So Clinton's now extended drop-by visit to South Korea and then two full days in Japan are intended to highlight security reassurances rather than trade squabbles, to try to convince the region that America will remain Asia's closest ally and the most efficient restraint on China's ambitions and North Korea's desperation.
But cleanliness, reassurances, and safety seals are the needs of the day.
Hodgkins' Herbert is of interest because of Hodgkins' reassurances and the grounds he offers for making them; Flesch's Herbert becomes interesting when reassurance gives way to loss, to surprise, to questioning.
headquarters from One Exchange Plaza, Abeille Reassurances has leased 5,897 square feet on the 6th floor of Seventeen State Street.
Despite these reassurances, Pershing Square has apparently chosen to proceed with a full-blown proxy contest.