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I pressed her to take wine, and tried to reassure her.
Hence it is to be remarked that, in seizing a state, the usurper ought to examine closely into all those injuries which it is necessary for him to inflict, and to do them all at one stroke so as not to have to repeat them daily; and thus by not unsettling men he will be able to reassure them, and win them to himself by benefits.
D'Artagnan, therefore, had passed the two days and the two nights of the voyage close to the coffin, alone with the general, offering him wine and food, which the latter had refused, and constantly endeavoring to reassure him upon the destiny which awaited him at the end of this singular captivity.
Perhaps I might find something to say which would reassure her.
I saw that she was upon the verge of a breakdown, after all that she must have passed through of fear and horror that day, and I tried to quiet and reassure her as best I might; but even to me the future looked most unpromising, for what chance of life had we against the frightful hunters of the night who even now were prowling closer to us?
One careless sniff had satisfied his mate, and she trotted on to reassure him.
I know men club them," I said, trying to reassure myself, and gazing doubtfully at a large bull, not thirty feet away, upreared on his fore-flippers and regarding me intently.
er - conditions of which you, Duchess, are aware, he showed alarm, and I had all that I could do to reassure him.
Mama lady reassures Baby Lady: "Baby Lady, please don't fret, I'm right next door, did you forget?
Summary: KRG Prime Minister Barzani reassures himself about the health of Kurdish writer Yashar Kamal.