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Fans of mythological fantasy, as well as those who enjoy take-charge female protagonists, will enjoy spending time with Lily and her companions, whether they encounter her here for the first time or start the journey with her in the first book, Reawakened (Delacorte, 2015/VOYA October 2015).
Advances in oilfield technology have reawakened Big Lake, a town that long ago helped cement Texas' reputation as an oil-rich state.
Amnesiac rogue assasin Jason Bourne's long buried memories are reawakened by a British journalist researching the secret organisation who were responsible for turning him into a killing machine.
The cause of Saturday's crash is being probed by air accident investigators, but it reawakened memories of the accident which left BBC presenters Greene and Smith with broken bones in September 1988.
Drawing on new material--correspondence between Dostoevskii and his readers--and applying a new methodology, reader-response criticism and genre studies, she offers an analysis of how Dostoevskii's rhetoric in the Diary of a Writer affected the Russian reading public, transformed Dostoevskii's image in Russian society, and reawakened national identity.
The Pilgrim Virgin," the fifth short story by Billy Lombardo in his collection of eight stories titled The Logic of a Rose (BkMk Press) reawakened memories of growing up in Catholic Chicago several years before Vatican II, including the Pilgrim Virgin's weeklong visit to my neighborhood.
Our competitive spirit has been reawakened and we want the title.
A new version of Israelites reawakened public interest in 1990, following its use in a TV ad.
Here was the most eclectic student body I have ever seen, filling a former Los Angeles Unified School District elementary school campus, shut down 30 years ago, only to be reawakened as a K-5 charter school four years ago.
Helens, which reawakened in 2004; Hawaii's Kilauea, which has been continuously active since early in 1983; and Anatahan, a volcanic island about 320 kilometers north of Guam that rumbled to life from dormancy in May 2003.
The growth of rhetorical criticism in recent years reawakened interest in rhetoric of the Roman empire.
I have reawakened a long-ago interest in simple carpentry and I'm going to build some stuff.