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But he's eclectic: He has reawakened me to the intricate pleasures of Steely Dan and gotten my husband to run out and buy Carly Simon's new album, The Bedroom Tapes, for which I am grateful to all three.
DMITRY'S letter, found in the pocket of one of the bodies on the stricken Russian submarine Kursk, reawakened all the horror we felt through those desperate - and failed - rescue attempts in August.
The rediscovery in 1900 of Mendel's work of 1865 reawakened the excitement about the relationship between heredity and human disorders.
Struve argues this turnabout was largely caused by the success of the SPD in 1928 elections which reawakened the fears of the local Buergertum.
The building of an airport busway and a new river crossing to the Fort Pitt Bridge has reawakened the idea of using the tunnel as a roadway for high-occupancy vehicles (HOV), linking Route 51 in the South Hills with the new airport busway bridge.
As Scryer's Psi powers are reawakened, he must use them to take down The Movement, a terrorist organization set to overthrow world order.
The Creature: Forgotten Prometheus" tells an exciting, knuckle biting story of this reawakened creature's introduction into a contemporary world.
I got a second in PPE which I was embarrassed about, and the shame reawakened my work ethic"BBC business editor Robert Peston "She never puts pressure on me to deliver or achieve.
The Ukrainians admit they fear Scotland's 12th man - the reawakened Hampden Roar.
Memories are being reawakened in a new film tribute to the industrial workers of Teesside.
It has reawakened my spirit of competition, it has given me a new definition of success, lifelong friends and most important of all, it has exposed me to a style of existence that I wouldn't have been exposed to otherwise.
THE Middle East peace process has been reawakened by the Israeli government's vote to recognise the Palestinian people's right to a state.