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Here, rebelliously minded individuals could communicate with souls who shared their beliefs.
The camera jumps rebelliously back and forth between characters' literal views and examines their exchanges from both sides of the axis.
After an establishing wide shot of a ranch-house neighborhood and a lone skateboarder, a sequence of tight and low tracking shots show the board and protagonist's bare feet as he executes some fancy moves while riding slightly rebelliously down the street's double-yellow line.
Giselle is a patient/prisoner before she enters treatment: under the appraising and punitive gaze of her father, who is also a doctor, Giselle both strives to achieve the standards of femininity he imposes and rebelliously attempts to emulate the striving individualism he models as a means of survival and asserting her "right to exist" (28).
He smiled at me rebelliously and flicked it, and flicked it and.
The dreamer had to be in the right frame of mind to receive the vision and profit from it; if he had instead "received it incredulously or rebelliously [.
At the Corsini Gallery, when Sophia and the children's governess, Ada Shepherd, were shooed away from a vase that Ada was sketching because reproductions were not allowed, Sophia declared rebelliously that the Prince Corsini could not "prevent my remembering it.
And if you do not listen to Me in this and you go rebelliously with Me, I shall go in the rage of rebellion with you, punishing you sevenfold for your sins .
When asked to elaborate how TNI has an edge over others in advertising field, Zeeshan said TNI has a strength of a passionate team playing a part right from design to execution besides that we have rebels who hate mediocrity, who love to produce rebelliously diversified ideas.
The Peron regime's penchant for Argentine social realism pushed Borges rebelliously towards the more obscure geographical and chronological ends of the literary spectrum.
Both self-conscious and rebelliously triumphant, Bailey writes in "Hiking the Lake Placid Trail," "I know a little more than I used to/ and I still don't care if you turn out to be/a common thief.
Between Samson and Delilah and the Liverpool Beatniks that afternoon with their rebelliously long locks, it's been all about the hair ever since.