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It's a situation that forces him into the clutches of the demon drink and the arms of his not always willing servants, who react rebelliously.
By spilling blood and thus breaking the "manacles," Sophie frees herself of the burden of "the virginity cult," as she rebelliously labels the demoralizing practice.
Rebelliously, Adam and Eve appropriate the object out of a desire to be like God.
34) Bloch explicates that the subjectively nonsynchronous contradiction "animates the objectively nonsynchronous one, so that both contradictions come together, the rebelliously distorted one of pent-up anger and the objectively alien one of left-over being and consciousness.
Discover the most rebelliously non-vegetarian treats of Gujarat in the galis from the old city's Teen Darwaja.
This cultural heritage manages to showcase beautiful Mexican buildings while rebelliously circumventing conventions of architectural photography, wryly incorporating a completely new level of meaning and a unique sense of humor to the images, a sense of humor Mexicans are of course, famous for.
My three companions were obviously fed up with my bossiness by now and ignored my request to all have something different and rebelliously opted for cheeseboards which they declared were delicious.
His creative dissident imagination allowed him to rebelliously innovate without alienating himself and his readers.
Our idea of history was rebelliously aesthetic: it had seemed to begin a month after The New American Poetry came on the market.
At its founding, the Grosvenor Gallery had rebelliously positioned itself against the Royal Academy and set itself up as the champion of new art.
With his exceptionally handsome face etched deeply with a desirable masculine divinity, and held gracefully atop a tall, impeccably dressed build, Sam Wagstaff exuded sophistication, taste, education, old money, and confidence, while his slim younger partner, dressed rebelliously in denim and silver-studded black leather, seemed vaguely edgy and preoccupied.
In another, taken five years ago, Amy is sticking out her tongue rebelliously to show off a piercing.