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Now, while a film like the latest Mad Max gives one hope about better reboots, moviegoers still have to be discerning when they throng the theatres to re-experience a favourite film.
Master Reboot is a new PlayStation 3 game, which can be played in Welsh, that's being developed in Pencoed
Wales Interactive managing director Dai Banner is launching Master Reboot
This dystopian novel is filled with graphic violence, and discusses sex between Reboots, though nothing is ever described.
It would seem that Microsoft and its partners have worked out the cause of the frustrating Windows Phone 8 reboot, but are remaining mum on what it actually is.
Doctor Who's lead writer, Steven Moffat, has rejected claims from Harry Potter director David Yates that a Hollywood reboot of the show is in the works.
The inevitable question: Is Hawking trying to reboot the biggest story of them all?
It happens to all of us: Suddenly the computer slows down or acts odd in some other way You can invest the time in running your fix-it utility (such as System Mechanic) or you can take the easy solution and reboot.
All changes that occur during use are written to a temporary storage space and not the hard drive; this space is cleared upon reboot.
REBOOT was sponsored by the Graham Foundation so some if not lots of dosh for all that hard work.
The 4403 Remote Reboot Switch allows users to remotely perform a power cycle reboot on four systems by controlling four 115-VAC power outlets.
After recycling on the small screen for a couple of years, the entire cast of ReBoot -- the popular computer-animated TV series produced by Vancouver--headquartered Mainframe Entertainment -- is back on the drawing board for new adventures with a "wash and brush--up," as Mainframe CEO and ReBoot creator Ian Pearson describes in charmingly old--school fashion.