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The rebuff he had met with in his first attempt to win Lydgate's confidence, disinclined him to a second; but this news of the execution being actually in the house, determined the Vicar to overcome his reluctance.
Macaulay would really have liked it; I dare say he would not have valued the friendship of the sort of a youth I was, but in the conditions he was helpless, and I poured out my love upon him without a rebuff.
The fact that most of them were Gatholians and that Gahan could lead rescuers to the pit where A-Kor, the son of U-Thor's wife, was confined, convinced the Jed of Gathol that they would meet with no rebuff at the hands of U-Thor.
She dealt out her smiles and favors like Royalty itself; she had never once known a rebuff.
Once, it entered his mind that there was a deliberate rebuff in all this.
Kwaque passed off the rebuff with a silly gibbering laugh and started to step nearer the door to be in readiness to open it at his master's coming.
He was plainly expectant of a rebuff, and he was just as plainly surprised when her teeth did not flash out at him in anger.
He was fond of her in his fashion, but he did n't take the trouble to show it, so Maud worshipped him afar off, afraid to betray the affection that no rebuff could kill or cool.
But then it should be said in justice to the stranger that the PERSONNEL was himself of a too convivial disposition fairly to judge one differently gifted, and had, moreover, experienced a slight rebuff in an effort at an "interview.
If you want another rebuff, take it - and welcome,' was my inward remark.
But I am going to ask him, at the risk of a rebuff, because I want to make things a little better.
She laughed a little at the impotence of her rebuff and paused for a moment to make her next shot.