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However, that is widely believed to be just a cover story to save the Foreign Ministry from the dishonor of being rebuffed repeatedly by the Saudis.
com Editor Geoffrey Thomas that within 24 hours of the disappearance of MH370 on March 8, Inmarsat advised the relevant Malaysian authorities of their findings but were rebuffed.
CDATA[ Jonathan Pollard was rebuffed in the US administration's parole board in an act devoid of mercy or any consideration for acts that likely saved thousands, because the polity of Obama's administration is one of extreme amorality.
FORMER Bank of England governor Lord King has rebuffed suggestions that he was aware of any improper political interference in the decision by state-backed Lloyds Banking Group to sell more than 600 branches to the Co-operative Bank.
London, Apr 10 ( ANI ): Popular smartphone messaging application WhatsApp has reportedly rebuffed one billion dollar bid from Internet search giant Google.
The Hong Kong-listed gas distributor rebuffed their HK$3.
Thackeray not just rebuffed the BJP but also ridiculed the other contender, P.
In a seminar he conduced for Eritrean citizens in Kenya on the objective situation in the Homeland and the integrated rebuff, the Ambassador outlined the development programs implemented and conspiracies rebuffed over the past 20 years.
Meanwhile, she rebuffed the report noted in section of print media that nurses leadership reached some understanding with the government.
Summary: Luxembourg, Jumada Al-Awwal 08, 1432 / April 12, 2011, SPA -- The United Nations has rebuffed a European Union offer to deploy a military mission to assist humanitarian aid efforts in Libya, European officials in Luxembourg said Tuesday.
Summary: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has rebuffed a personal appeal from Muammar Gaddafi to President Barack Obama.
Number 10 insisted claims that requests for one-to-one talks had been rebuffed were "completely without foundations" saying the leaders had already met and would meet again.