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We had standardized on the Foxboro 871 rebuildable pH sensors, so we turned to them for the solution," says Feickert.
In Cameron, there were 90 homes, only four were left standing and only two of those were declared rebuildable," Irilian said.
The appraiser then writes an addendum stating that the home is rebuildable.
Nordson adds that all gun modules are rebuildable and a port allows visual monitoring of the module performance.
Another factor to consider is disposable versus rebuildable sensor bodies.
While some still regard linered cylinders to be more durable and rebuildable, others regard them as a Band-Aide on manufacturing processes.
We wind up with a lot less steel, so we have to find other means," Wiesner" says of the dismantled hulks PRO brokers for shredding "Anything that we can sell as a recyclable, rebuildable or a core product, we're definitely reaching for.
Keep an eye on parts that seem to need frequent changing and ask for rebuildable parts credits.
For modern Chinese in search of an indigenous aesthetic, believing in a rebuildable past is nothing less than the progressive view.