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PPG is pleased to offer operators an extended warranty on these rebuilt windshields as a result of their exceptional reliability that is comparable to the new parts, Hood said.
Over the past 25 years, Whayne has rebuilt 33 different models, the most common being large dozers, wheel loaders and trucks.
Ultimately, though, the fact that rebuilt units save anywhere from 25-50% of the cost of a replacement unit makes the argument for rebuilding hard to ignore, especially in the face of today's economy.
According to Thompson, the city yields $14 million per year, far less than the $100 million in taxes the site is expected to generate once it is rebuilt and occupied.
However, unless paper companies are prepared to move all their manufacturing to places other than North America (which is highly unlikely), there will be many paper machines in North America and other regions that will be rebuilt over the next few years.
In the 1950s, the city's vast center was rebuilt along property lines whose dimensions derived from the span of wooden rafters over wooden houses.
The policy defines "period of restoration" as beginning on "the date and time of the direct physical loss or damage" and, absent resumption of operations at a new permanent location, ending on "[t]he date when the property should be repaired, rebuilt or replaced with reasonable speed and similar quality.
If a drive is lost, that data needs to be rebuilt, and current controllers can take days to accomplish such a large task.
The enactment of Section 1033 (h)(1) and the issuance of several IRS Revenue Rulings eased the particular challenges victims faced as they rebuilt their lives following a natural disaster.
168(k), the acquisition of rebuilt or reconditioned property does not meet the original-use requirement.