rebut the charge

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Apologists for men such as Edmund Campion had no choice but to rebut the charge of treason and this took up valuable space and energy.
If Labour fails to rebut the charge it "messed up the economy," he warned, it will "look like a shamefaced schoolboy admitting responsibility by omission.
Misra asked the government to file an affidavit to rebut the charge that Section 8( 4) of the Representation of the People Act ( RPA) was violative of the fundamental right to equality under Article 14 of the Constitution.
Facts," proponents of the legislation seek to rebut the charge that the CFPA would add additional layers of government bureaucracy that are unnecessary.
No special guest speaker is mentioned to represent the pro-life argument, or to rebut the charge that the mainstream pro-life movement ever endorsed or tolerated violence.
If Saddam orchestrated an outbreak of the disease in or near Iraq, could the United States effectively establish that he was responsible and rebut the charge that it was responsible?
Under those requirements, the only question as to admissibility for substantive purposes would be whether a prior consistent statement had, under all the circumstances, any tendency to rebut the charge of recent fabrication or improper influence or motive.
Reynaldo Umali - chairman of the justice committee - agreed with the statement of the Speaker that Sereno has no right to ask for her day in the Senate impeachment court because she was free to rebut the charges to begin with.
The Ombudsman now gives him the proper forum to rebut the charges against him-and what does he do?
Anyone accused of past wrongdoing should be allowed a fair chance to rebut the charges, Human Rights Watch, HRW, says.
The government, wants the Parliament to function so that the Prime Minister could make a statement to rebut the charges, and has termed as extremely unfortunate the BJP's move not to allow discussions to take place.
The Foreign Ministry announced Tuesday that it has sent letters to many foreign govern ments explaining Iran's position and seeking to rebut the charges.