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Users can highlight the required figure using the mouse or cursor, press a pre-defined key combination on the keyboard and the software recalculates the new value.
If the DOC recalculates the CVD rate as instructed by the Panel, it should result in a de minimis (below one percent) duty rate, the repeal of the CVD order and the return to Canadian producers of all CVD cash deposits paid to date.
LAFCO's consultant proposed the new method Thursday during a negotiation session in response to an earlier request from city officials to recalculate the alimony.
We did provide summary results for each study for the interested reader who can recalculate as they see fit, as Borak et al.
If their reduction is not data entered they can recalculate the tax bill and pay on the lower amount," he said.
We were able to recalculate the original concentration of oxygen,' says Robert A.
the term-certain method) or (2) recalculate the IRA owner's or the designated beneficiary's life expectancy or both each year (i.
15 did not require the Company to recalculate earnings per share for any other period, including the first quarter 1996.
1993 and the Department of Finance expects to recalculate actual assessments forward from 1981 to begin the five-year cycles.
State prison officials will recalculate the sentence, and Diesman said she expects it will be about 22 years.
As estimates of the participation liability change because of new estimates of the property's market value, the borrower should recalculate the effective interest rate to reflect differences in expected future payments.
They are then ordered to return to their business plan and design a better strategy, recalculate their earning or conduct another market survey to determine a better product to market.