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The InaCalc component integrates expression parsing, evaluation and dependent formula recalculation.
InaCalc Professional supports spreadsheet-like multiple formula recalculation, as well as custom function support and virtual variables.
There were six tax years in the 1980's under review and later years will be adjusted through the recalculation of transitions.
Donald Lampe, a legal expert on anti-predatory lending laws and a member of CE's Advisory Board, commented, "The PredatorAnalyzer confirms whether a loan is 'high cost' or 'covered' and performs all the required recalculations at the transactional level.
In the final analysis, it saves critical time and system resources that would be required for routing recalculations and, more importantly, network re-convergence which can take longer than time sensitive applications can tolerate.
Shortly thereafter, it may restate the financial statements in its annual report on Form 10-KSB for the year ended December 31, 2000, if necessary, to reflect any changes resulting from these recalculations.
In addition to Banca del Gottardo recognizing the value of being a long term investor in the Company, we were able to secure investment terms that, unlike those often undertaken in today's tight investment market, do not include resets and recalculations in the conversion prices or other draconian provisions.
Optiva/Optimization gives formulators a powerful tool allowing them to create or reformulate formulas based on ingredient cost or availability, while eliminating the need for iterative recalculations.
Comparisons were based on tests involving individual application functions, such as recalculations, image redesigns and recompiling of code.