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The right or procedure by which a public official may be removed from a position by a vote of the people prior to the end of the term of office.

Recall is the retiring of an elected officer by a vote of the electorate. Some state constitutions prescribe the procedure that must be followed in a recall—for example, requiring the filing of a petition containing the signatures of a specific number of qualified voters.


(Call back), verb abolish, abrogate, annul, cancel, disannul, dismiss, disqualify, invalidate, nullify, reanimate, reassemble, reconvene, repudiate, rescind, resuscitate, revive, revivify, revocare, revoke, summon back, take back, unsay, void, withdraw


(Remember), verb be reminded of, call up, commemorate, conjure up, dwell upon, evoke, fix in the mind, have memories of, keep in mind, know again, know by heart, look back upon, memorialize, memorize, place, recognize, recollect, recordari, recover knowledge of, reeresh one's memory, relive, reminisce, retain, retrace, review, revive, see in retrospect, summon up, think back to
See also: abjuration, abrogate, ademption, annul, annulment, cancel, cancellation, countermand, defeasance, depose, disavow, discharge, disinherit, hindsight, nullify, perceive, recant, reclaim, recognition, recognize, recollect, recollection, redeem, remember, remembrance, remove, renege, repeal, repossess, rescind, rescision, retain, retraction, retrospect, revocation, revoke, withdraw

TO RECALL, international law. To deprive a minister of his functions; to supersede him.

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Roughly a third of product recalls are from companies with five or fewer employees.
16, 2018 were a part of the recent recall, as well.
Companies can also secure product recall insurance policies to cover the direct costs of recalls.
According to the report, 28 percent of the companies involved in recalls in the second quarter (ended June 30) had two or more products recalled, and 7 percent of the companies involved had five or more recalls.
However it seems as though the myth of recalls being a sign of poor quality has been dispensed by customers as most major auto companies have voluntarily recalled vehicles in the past one year alone.
With 266 electrical product recalls in the last six years and manufacturers often producing hundreds of thousands of units, there are likely to be millions of dangerous products threatening safety every day.
Further, the study found that recalls impact stock price immediately, noting that "the stock price of the affected company underperforms the sector index by an average of 2.
A string of recent recalls by one company, for example, triggered a U.
In some cases, such as in recalls involving food products, a recalled product simply may be discarded.
The FDA issued seven high-risk device recalls in June.
Northwest Airlines intends to recall approximately 150 furloughed pilots by July 2007, according to the Air Line Pilots Assn.
Product recall insurance--which includes business-interruption coverage related to recalls, plus the cost of the recall and replacement of products and additional costs such as public relations and speciality consulting--has available limits of as much as $200 million and deductibles that range widely, depending on a company's size and what it does, Harrison said.