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This inherent flaw in our criminal justice system - where it takes a long time, lasting up to several months, from apprehension to prosecution and trial, provides a window of opportunity for criminal offenders to work on witnesses against them in order to make then recant and repudiate their incriminating statements," Garcia said.
Under the bill, the grounds which may allow prosecutors to petition for perpetuation of testimonies if the life or well-being of the witness is endangered or if they maybe forced, intimidated, coerced or unduly or wrongfully persuaded to recant or substantially alter his declaration.
In Cuevas, the high court wrote that although both witnesses disowned their out-of-court statements when testifying at trial, the prosecution offered evidence that "they had a motive to falsely recant their statements .
Frustrated by Askew's refusal to become compliant and to name others or recant, her interrogators shift from the intimidating language of torture to literally torturing her on the rack.
In partial transcripts released Wednesday of interviews to be broadcast on two television magazine shows, respiratory therapist Efren Saldivar recants statements to police that he expedited the deaths of patients during an eight-year span that ended in August.
Sheldon Stephens, the man who accused "Sesame Street's Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash of sex allegations, recanted his initial recant Monday.