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The former recommends an accessible, organized medical database, one that actually recapitulates the medical logic used in comprehensive care.
Emulate's technology is a human bioemulation platform that permits analysis of molecular functions within human cells living in an engineered microenvironment that accurately recapitulates human organ biology.
And it's important to recapitulate and see what these developments mean for the future, especially with the presidential election imminent.
They recapitulate and develop these assumptions about the role of language and social practice across a wide range of topics, covering epistemology, philosophy of mind, moral and political philosophy, intellectual and cultural history.
De Man's "allegories of reading" explore the inability of interpretation to do anything but recapitulate the irresolvable aporias between rhetorical figures and meaning that characterize all texts.
In treating various forms of macular degeneration, such as dry AMD and SMD, the goal of the company's RPE cell therapy is for repair and replacement of those areas in the eye where the RPE layer has degraded with new cells, and in doing so, recapitulate the correct working environment around the photoreceptor layer.
Malthus' convictions about social progress and the value of controlling base passions were embedded primarily in his desire to educate the poor, and Murray does not recapitulate this part of his program.
Faux recognizes that we cannot simply recapitulate New Deal-style liberalism, but we can build upon it in ways that will address the issues he clearly delineates.
In The Hero With A Thousand Faces (1949) he describes a single story, or monomyth, which he believes all myths recapitulate in whole or in part.
Currently used animal models, non-cardiac cell lines transformed to mimic heart cells, and cadaveric cells do not truly recapitulate human response and are therefore more likely to miss adverse side effects.
Such procedures and results not only revive Fischinger but recapitulate the work of video pioneers Nam June Paik, Steina Vasulka, and Gary Hill--selections by whom were included in "What Sound Does a Color Make?
Four works referencing Spanish Baroque masterpieces depicting the Immaculate Conception (by Velazquez, Zurbaran, Murillo and Juan de Valdes Leal) recapitulate their source images via a formal vocabulary drawn from microscopic processes of asexual reproduction, three derived from Rhodomicrobium vannielii (erroneously referred to as "vannillie" in all the titles), the other from yeast.