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As a teacher as well as preacher, Calvin wisely recapitulated the themes from the previous sermon, for many could not remember or confused names and events.
To a first approximation, a very simple learning system recapitulated data collected from children:' Rumelhart concludes.
The osteoporotic phenotype was recapitulated in mice with osteoblast-specific targeted disruption of Pthrp generated using Cre-LoxP technology and defective bone formation was reaffirmed as the underlying etiology.
It returns Bulgaria to where it was decades ago and spreads despair over people," recapitulated the situation the socialist.
Jayalalithaa also recapitulated the various initiatives taken for women during her early years, which included the setting up of All-Women Police Stations.
With respect to Genesis 3, Williams favors a Jewish over an Augustinian interpretation of the "Fall," seeing this story as recapitulated in the lives of all people and not as the transmission of original sin across the generations.
Thesis and antithesis were ultimately recapitulated by the two unexpected stars of the exhibition: Yvonne Rainer's 1980 film Journeys from Berlin/1971 relates relationships of power to personal circumstances.
Aertsen has recapitulated the theme of the choice between secular and sacred that is central to the biblical scene (Martha busies herself with housework while Mary, sitting at Christ's feet, "has chosen the best part") in terms of the sixteenth-century controversy over images - a controversy that Aertsen, who saw his paintings destroyed by iconoclasts, witnessed first-hand.
Autumn Sonata' was particularly difficult for Bergman to make, because it recapitulated her own life with her own children,'' said Carlson.
She recapitulated by saying that she will go into fruther detail to get more fully acquainted with the situation in Bulgaria.
Elegant in execution, by turns provocative and poetic in content, the work here recapitulated rather than extended statements Hatoum has made before.
Much of this essay is recapitulated by Olin in his introduction to the Toronto CWE volume.