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If you will allow me to recapitulate, it was like this: when you parted, you were as magnanimous as could possibly be; you were ready to give her everything--freedom, divorce even.
button, a black hat with a cockade to it, a pink striped waistcoat, light breeches and gaiters, and a variety of other necessaries, too numerous to recapitulate.
co-founder and chief scientific officer of AxioMx added, Our new library virtually recapitulates the way antibodies are enriched in vivo in response to an antigen assault.
The microfluidic platelet bioreactor recapitulates features such as bone marrow stiffness, extracellular matrix composition, micro-channel size and blood flow stability under high-resolution live-cell microscopy to make human platelets.
The conclusion recapitulates the common frame of the plague as a double social and medical crisis, but emphasizes a third focus of the everyday adaptation that survivors necessarily had to discover.
The design also recapitulates the intestinal tissue-tissue interface, which allows fluids to flow above and below the intestinal cell layer, mimicking the luminal microenvironment on one side of the device and the flow of blood through capillary vessels on the other.
By mimicking stages of embryonic development, scientists have prodded human cells to produce three-dimensional (3D) organ tissue that resembles the intestine and recapitulates its major cell types, according to a new study in the December 12 issue of Nature.
This book recapitulates the fundamentals of counterinsurgency and reviews several examples of counterinsurgency practices in the twentieth century.
Kinzer then recapitulates his argument from All the Shah's Men that the September 11 attacks can be traced back to the Mossadegh ouster.
His letter recapitulates the Democrats' dogma that ``Bush lied about WMDs in Iraq and that Democrats did not agree with the president.
Splotch #7, 2002, recapitulates a comparable form, the contours of which are more visible owing to its white skin, while Splotch #8, 2002, offers a molten tower of gothic black--a Banks Violette coaxed into the light.
For one thing, author Marlin Bree does not simply tell a good tale: he recapitulates it.