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And yet he sees the Party recapitulating the same oppressive dynamics (in very complex forms) which it so impressively recognizes in capitalist society, and so valiantly opposes.
Such a multi-faceted study risks either becoming a history of everything or recapitulating the already-known in a different guise.
Like the most engaging autobiographies, Robert Burns Stepto's Blue as the Lake moves from recapitulating the past to anticipating the future.
The Internet is recapitulating science fiction fandom.
His postmodern aspect, resurgence in the last decades of the twentieth century, and persistence even into the twenty-first round out the book, with the final chapter recapitulating thoughts on his iconic status.
I thought the myth of ontogeny recapitulating phylogeny had been pretty well debunked.
As a result, much of his general historical material is outdated, and he spends considerable time recapitulating points already made by others - compare his account of Vesalius's novelty to Carlino's - interspersed with spirited critiques of positions that no serious historian has held for twenty years.