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More recently, Whitmarsh (2009) has provided a very different reading of the recapitulation.
Volume Name Institution Title 35 Joshua University of A Problematic Alliance: Garrison Wisconsin-Oshkosh Colonial Anthropology, Recapitulation Theory, and G.
In the preparation to the recapitulation, a rhythmic diminution of the neighbor-tone motive constitutes much of the moving eighth-note line.
The Saviour's recapitulation is a repetition and renewal of God's work of creating humanity and a reversal of the fall of our first parents, but it is also a summation.
However unpalatable such stereotyping and racism are, Gould (1996) points out that they were an essential part of recapitulation theory and could not be separated from it.
A number of authors have sought to discredit Haeckel's recapitulation theory, and also Haeckel, because his drawings of types of vertebrate embryos contain inaccuracies or embellishments (Richardson et al.
Halper and Clarke offer a sturdy recapitulation of the by-now familiar story of how the formerly liberal New York intellectuals turned right in the late 1960s.
This is done by a recapitulation or summary, and asking for their approval of this.
all of the explanation, exploration, consideration, and recapitulation that we can summon.
Another method is to send the recapitulation of equipment part of the MTOE.
Canfield provides a useful recapitulation of the Chinagate dramatis personae: Bill Clinton, William Perry', Johnny Chung, John Huang, Charlie Trie, Loral, Hughes, McDonnell-Douglas, et al.
Moreover, Weaver's positions are sufficiently familiar to Modern Age readers that recapitulation is redundant.