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The following discussion on the climate of the southern parts of the continent with relation to its productions, on the snow-line, on the extraordinarily low descent of the glaciers, and on the zone of perpetual congelation in the antarctic islands, may be passed over by any one not interested in these curious subjects, or the final recapitulation alone may be read.
Recapitulations of prices and evaluations will not be mailed out; they may be reviewed in person during normal business hours after the recommendation of award is made
The collection is balanced and covers most aspects from the abstract to the concrete, though with a fair amount of repetition of basic premises and recapitulations of American religious and political history (presumably due to lack of coordination about the nature of the individual essays).
The most clearly marked and frequently analyzed example occurs in the recapitulation in 5,1,1-2, where its position alone, precisely at the start of the second half of the novel, (25) is reason enough to pay close attention, but its clear imitation of the recapitulations that head most of the books of the Anabasis demands that we do so.
Admittedly, if one were looking for a synthesis in the selection and distribution of the works--and the exhibition's thematic recapitulations and scenic organization around a central axis, not to mention the inclusion of several objects displayed in a single video, Inbetweening, 2008, could easily have aroused such a desire--that wish necessarily remained unsatisfied, given the artist's fundamental interest in incompleteness.
What keeps his music from sounding like mere recapitulations of nineteenth-century formulas, however, is the way he has allowed it to be informed by twentieth-century developments without being subsumed by them.
However, Kern's original research comes, not with his recapitulations of scientific and social theories, but with his close reading of more than 100 murder novels written between 1830 and the present.
They consider the return to the eschaton, interaction between philosophy and theology, and recapitulations.
Further observations on the relevance of serologic recapitulations of human infection with influenza viruses.
Transformation in the second phase of life is the re-enactment, or recapitulation, of earlier prototypes: (1) the process of conception, leaving the spirit world to enter a body; (2) the process of birth, leaving the mother's womb to enter the world; (3); the rapprochement subphase of the separation-individuation process (the third developmental stage, from 18 months to 3 years), finding balance between dependence and engulfment, between intimacy and alienation; (4) the conflicted needs for belonging and independence of the adolescent developmental stage; and (5) the conflicts in marital interaction and other adult relationships, including the mid-life rapprochement between adult and parent, all recapitulations of the developmental phase.
He used excellent dramatic construction, with recapitulations, recurring themes and an overall feel for beginning, middle and end.
Mozart wrote it only 8 days after the death of his bird, and it includes such starlinglike bits as intertwined tunes, off-key recapitulations, and an abrupt ending.