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34) But the recapitulations could certainly have helped readers in the way imagined.
Mozart wrote it only 8 days after the death of his bird, and it includes such starlinglike bits as intertwined tunes, off-key recapitulations, and an abrupt ending.
In five densely argued chapters, Lerer leads the reader through landscapes of reading that are in themselves recapitulations of early Tudor readings.
However, he fails to point out that subdominant and submediant recapitulations are not unknown in Viennese sonata forms, and these later served as models for Schubert's recapitulations in a key other than the tonic.
The passage is notated only once by the composer, with recapitulations indicated by rubrics.
Figurative painting was surprisingly well represented, to the point of being over-played, with examples of William Tillyer's lyrical decorations at Manny Silverman; Jan Peter Van Opheusden's saturated still lifes at Earl McGrath; Eugeni Mitta's stale recapitulations of Salle-esque emblems at Patricia Shea; Dieter Hall's empty biographical sketches at Ruth Bachofner; Helen Napper's typically dreamy silhouettes at Tatistcheff; Rainer Fetting's trademark Pop-Expressionism at Jan Baum; Guiseppe Gallo's quietly traumatized drawings at L.
Regarding Schneer's work, this reader's first reaction was one of trepidation: is this author resorting to gimmickry of sorts by playing to end-of-the-century and millennium hype--the kind to which we are daily exposed in recapitulations of the twentieth century and prospects for the new?
1, is in any way ambiguous--but he aptly demonstrates the radical nature of Haydn's recomposition in many of his recapitulations.
In the final section, "I Want You, I Need You," all six dancers reunited in passionate recapitulations, the kind of kinetic conflagration that is Erkert's trademark.
To regard the difference as deliberate, however, would probably be wrong, according to Somfai'; he notes that 'Haydn used to write his recapitulations from memory, and he might have considered dots in such affective motives to be obvious' (p.
aims at a broad audience, he writes clearly, with frequent recapitulations and summaries.