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The text comprises illustrations of the actions, maneuvers and instruments used plus anatomical and recapitulatory tables to provide a better understanding of the text.
Four Lectures seems to be remembered as a period work vaguely assigned to West Coast Language poetry, except by a nest of poets in Maine; but the book's transformatively recapitulatory quality has been generally missed.
13] It is in this recapitulatory form of the parallelism that
For Hall, the study of children was equally a study of human history; it was this theoretical premise, the "general psychonomic law," that gave rise to Hall's most troubling, and promising, recapitulatory conclusions.
On Rousseau's doubled "deviation of time and identity" to construct present-day recapitulatory knowledge of an earlier, different self, see Starobinski, first publ.
Girls, on the other hand, determined by their physiology to be closer to nature, reached a recapitulatory plateau, and remained, therefore, on a lower rung of the evolutionary ladder.
58 Ornament can also be recapitulatory and can thus signal stylistic revival as in the case of Neo-Classicism,
However, including the introductory and recapitulatory chapters, the book is only 153 pages in length.
TOO MANY INTERPRETATIONS OF The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym (1838) have already been given: in fact, it might be said that the approaches to this text are practically exhausted, as recent recapitulatory critical studies by Richard Kopley and J.