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Under the WEEE Recast Regulations in Portugal, companies who use distributors to import and sell their products in Portugal can appoint an authorised representative to release the distributors from their producer obligations.
The recast is a fascinating document, especially since eight months earlier Directive 2007/47/EC was published, and months were invested to negotiate the provisions of the revision.
While the written medium should assist the learners in recognizing such recasts of all sorts, the key to recognizing the feedback underlying the recast seemed to be the focus of the forum.
The ReCast [TM] parts are described as field-proven to perform as new and to provide cost savings of up to 40 percent vs.
The lack of new construction in our region and the ability of New York City's existing owners to recast their current building financing at interest rates not experienced for decades.
The Oxford Companion to Music refers to the kinds of pieces composed by Viennese violin virtuoso Fritz Kreisler as "attractive bits of melody either original or picked up here and there in the classical repertory and recast.
Understanding the responsibility and therefore the authority of the personal physician should recast this role and bring specialized medical resources into a more responsive approach.
Indeed, even though three of the four examples (Examples 1, 2, and 4) illustrate transactions that are consistent with the subchapter K rules and are not recast by the Commissioner, the holdings are qualified by the foreboding phrase "[a]bsent other facts"--leaving one to wonder what facts may tip the scale toward recasting the transactions.
If accurate, such measurements would exonerate CFCs and recast the ozone hole as a natural phenomenon.
While the format and methodology employed suit the purpose of presenting the necessary contrast, and while the expertise of the authors is not in question, this reviewer is nagged by the question whether it was desirable in the first instance to recast the ingredients that went into this study to fit a preconditioned mold and to reinterpret Ottoman and post-Ottoman history to justify previously held interpretations and conclusions.
In an effort to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve communication, Witco is implementing a corporate restructuring program to recast the company along product lines.
In a recast, all of the defaulting participant's payments are deleted from the settlement, and the net settlement positions of the remaining participants are recalculated.