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Another possible explanation behind the dominance of implicit corrective feedback might stem from the popularity of recasting in L2 class rooms.
ReCasting [TM] can be used to rebuild cups and discs of any size or PUR material, including the MDI and TDI polyesters typically used in the manufacture of pig cups and disc's.
This radical recasting of the concept of species in general and of humans in particular has now achieved the status of dogma, at least in the scientific community.
Since the proposed regulations purport to provide new authority for recasting partnership transactions, the retrospective effect of the proposed regulations improperly penalizes taxpayers that have already established partnership entities in reasonable reliance on the rules in effect prior to May 12, 1994.
This reviewer is nevertheless pleased with the refreshingly challenging criteria employed in interpreting and recasting the known ingredients of Ottoman history and in delineating the avenues pursued for change.
This payment shock will have a substantial effect on the recasting population, according to Managing Director Roelof Slump.
Shipbuilding company ABG Shipyard Ltd is in the process of recasting its long-term debt that forms the bigger chunk of its entire debt kitty.
Springsteen added three verses, recasting the song as a commentary on the federal government's failure in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
Information is offered on SUNcast's ReCasting, the choice of pipeline companies that together operate over 60,000 miles of pipeline worldwide.
Watkins reads Virgil's imitation and recasting of Homer as a correction of decadent Greek models in favor of Roman pietas and imperium; feminine allure "becomes the dominant metaphor for Homeric romance conceived as an attractive but ultimately misleading influence" (12).
The rate of absorption in the Class B and Class C buildings demonstrates the remaining effects of the flight to quality, trading up for space, and recasting leases.