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BEIRUT: Hot winds that blew through Lebanon and caused forest fires across the country will considerably recede Wednesday and temperatures are expected to drop, meteorologists told The Daily Star.
And there is danger as well as invitation in the lack of any overarching new approach, as the cultural turn recedes.
The second edge represented with a light line appears to recede.
The patient noticed soon after getting the oral barbell that her gums started to recede progressively in the area of the piercing.
They don't recede because they're getting colder, you know what I'm saying?
I don't know when all that hostility is going to recede," says one 30-year veteran of gay rights causes in Manhattan, "but it sure as hell hasn't receded yet.
Then I remove the toy from the water, and the shreds recede and adhere to each other (figure 2).
instead of moving Americans back into the forest, sprawl has made the forest recede.
According to Pipes's interpretation, such ideas were to be a significant factor in shaping the next century and a half, after which they began to recede.
People noticed that the whistle was high in pitch as the locomotive approached, and that the pitch dropped suddenly as the locomotive passed and began to recede.
After they arrived the rain began to let up and the water in the basement began to slowly recede.
5th New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin offered one of the direst warnings yet heard in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, predicting the discovery of as many as 10,000 dead as the waters recede on the submerged city.