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The suspect is described as a white male, of slim to medium build, aged in his early thirties, with fair, receding hair.
Following receding of water level in Jhelum river, the inflow of the water in the dam was fallen to 17200 cusecs against the outflow of 25000 cusecs, official sources told reporter on Thursday.
Receding gums are nearly always caused by chronic infection due to a build-up of plaque, which is composed of food particles, mucus, bacteria and salts from your saliva.
The Danube hit its highest level since 1501 in Passau on Monday before receding a half meter (yard) by Tuesday morning.
MAPLETON - Residents here can breathe a sigh of relief today after the nearby Siuslaw River almost reached its 18-foot flood stage Saturday because of heavy rains the past couple of days, but then began receding Saturday night, according to the National Weather Service in Portland.
Washington, March 5 ( ANI ): A novel method using collagen - a group of naturally occurring proteins found in animals, especially in the flesh and connective tissues of mammals - can heal receding gums and exposed roots, say researchers.
The dollar crept higher in Tokyo amid receding expectations that the U.
Some fight the receding water and re-burrow on the spot, while others get pulled down the slope before re-burrowing.
According to Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS), the debt-default risk of Dubai is receding.
Summary: PM deploys more forces as receding waters reveal mountains of muddy wreckage in Australia's third largest city.
The water level is receding in Indus, Chenab and Swat rivers and the water tendency is falling at Tarbela dam," said chief meteorologist Arif Mehmood.
Glaciologists have been monitoring the movement of 47 glaciers in the North Cascades so that they can determine whether the edges of the glaciers are advancing, receding, or remaining stationary--or if the glacier is disappearing completely.