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The frequency of these behaviors was higher after the intervention than at baseline in both groups, but the change was greater for women who had received skills-oriented counseling than for those in the information intervention.
He received $3,500 from the Agua Caliente Band, $1,000 from the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe and $1,000 from the Tigua Indian Reservation.
Although she received more than $11,855 in workers' compensation, IRC section 86(d)(3) treats workers' compensation benefits as though they were Social Security benefits only to the extent of the offset amount.
Streeter, vice president of operations, received a salary of $180,000, up from $22,500 in 2003.
McDonald received the Cliff Henderson Award from the National Aeronautic Association.
For applications received before January 1, 2004, lenders may use the definitions of a home improvement loan and a refinancing that were in effect in 2003.
received his award "for involvement as founding chairman of Bradley University's FEF student chapter and his dedication to the next generation of metalcasters as well as his active participation on the Cast Iron and Engineering Divisions of the AFS.
Kessler, a professor of forestry and an extension forester at Clemson University, received the Technology Transfer and Extension Award
American Rubber Products, North Tonawanda, NY, received ISO 9001/QS-9000 registration from Entela, Grand Rapids, MI.
Each individual firm has listing clerks who daily type in the mailed or taxed exclusive and update information received from cooperating companies.
Section 104(a)(2) provides that gross income does not include "the amount of any damages received (whether by suit or agreement and whether as lump sum or periodic payments) on account of personal injuries or sickness.
He received an AB, magna cum laude, in East Asian Studies from Harvard College in 1992, a JD, cum laude, from Harvard Law School in 1997, and an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1997.

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