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We traveled all about Germany, receiving no wages, and not even our keep.
It was not only that there was something akin to association and intimacy in drinking next, but there was the fearful joy of meeting her in transit and receiving a cold and disdainful look from her wonderful eyes.
I had received many good lessons from them, and was still receiving them, and the thought of leaving them was painful indeed.
You might not give Emma such a complete education as your powers would seem to promise; but you were receiving a very good education from her, on the very material matrimonial point of submitting your own will, and doing as you were bid; and if Weston had asked me to recommend him a wife, I should certainly have named Miss Taylor.
transaction - the IRA receiving the rollover contribution and the IRA that distributed the assets - cannot be distributed and rolled over into yet another IRA within the next year without violating Sec.
The trials were primarily designed to compare the uptake of a biomarker (FDG) as measured by positron emission tomography (PET) imaging in patients receiving SGN-15 plus Taxotere either simultaneously or sequentially.
As a result, the transferor shareholder was not receiving an offsetting benefit from the other shareholders (i.
Commonly occurring grade 3 adverse events in all 27 patients receiving initial therapy were febrile neutropenia (18.
In this study, serious adverse events were reported less frequently in patients receiving Neulasta in the first and subsequent cycles of chemotherapy than in the group receiving second and subsequent cycle Neulasta.
Cheniere's North American LNG Gateway(TM) program will provide global LNG suppliers a direct platform to nominate cargoes into Cheniere's LNG receiving terminals starting with the Sabine Pass LNG Receiving Terminal, which is currently under construction in Louisiana.
The Term Loan proceeds will be used to fund: (1) Cheniere's remaining equity requirements for the construction of the Sabine Pass LNG receiving terminal; (2) a reserve account for Term Loan debt service obligations and pre-operating expenses; (3) fees and expenses of the transaction; (4) Cheniere's equity requirements including funds for the potential expansion of the Sabine Pass LNG receiving terminal, construction of the Corpus Christi and/or the Creole Trail LNG receiving terminals and pipelines from Cheniere's various LNG receiving terminals; and/or (5) Cheniere's general corporate purposes.
22) For example, if a firm pays no tax because of NOLs or tax credits, a company receiving that firm's dividend is still permitted an 80% or 100% DRD.