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Capitula cylindrica, involucri squamae 16-17 imbricatae 6-7 seriatae ovatae vel angusto-ovatae glabrae; receptacula plana glabra; lores 3 in capitulo; corollae albae anguste infundibulares in parte inferiori extus pilosae vel glabrae, pilis glanduliferis, lobis longis extus pilosis, basibus antherarum caudatis; basibus stylorum non noduliferis pilosis; achaenia turbinata 10 costata setifera et glandulifera, carpopodia breviter cylindrica.
9 mm longae angusto-ovatae vel anguste ellipticae acutae, deciduis, omnes uninerves ciliatae extus pilosae intus glabrae; receptacula glabra; lores 3 in capitulo; corollae ca.
6-2 mm latae anguste ellipticae vel anguste ovatae acutae superne ciliatae vel fimbriatae glabrae 3-7 nervatae; receptacula 1.
6d); receptacula slightly ovoid, genital ducts short (Fig.
The receptacula range from globular to slightly ovoid.
9b); receptacula ovoid and genital ducts short (Fig.
lanceolatae; receptacula plana alveolata (alveolis scalariformibus).
5 mm latae, hyalinae; receptacula hemisphaerica leviter puberula.
5 mm latae extus glabrae; receptacula conica alveolata dense lanata.
Female genitalia: Epigyne with pair of separate (although sometimes broadly touching), thick-walled, variously lobed receptacula, composed of internal systems of ducts and chambers; a single distinct fertilization duct leads from each receptaculum into bursal cavity, bending outwardly or prolaterally (often only visible when cleared epigynes are viewed laterally).
Receptacula large, 'comma-shaped', broadly touching along inward margins (Fig.
7): receptacula posteriorly convergent, together forming 'V-shape'; each receptaculum with 'nose-like' inward lobe.