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The receptionist sought the help of her co-employees when she noticed Obedoza was already at the balcony ledge of the 18th floor.
Rowe, who maintained a rule of not seeing patients more than 10 minutes past their scheduled time, reportedly told the receptionist that she wouldn't examine the girl.
You were expecting the receptionist to tell him to attend a pharmacy - again, I would not be taking that direction either from a receptionist.
In that situation was the receptionist within her remit to tell him to go see a pharmacist?
The Smart Dubai Office has partnered with regional technology business solutions provider Nearbuy to host a trial of the first robot receptionist in the Middle East.
While waiting, the receptionist felt someone pinching her in her back and when she turned, she found the accountant jabbing her with a pen.
My concerns are that receptionists do not hold the academic qualifications of a doctor, yet they will be in a position to prevent a patient, who may have the symptoms of a serious medical problem, seeing a doctor.
As the original iPad-based visitor management system, The Receptionist for iPad has led the industry since 2013.
Abrupt receptionists are putting patients off visiting their doctor by appearing too keen to end calls if there are no available appointments, and they're not offering other options either, according to new research at Loughborough
I drove over there while our receptionist kept her talking on the phone.
The satay is in her bag, she has remembered to check for the peanut sauce, and the substitute receptionist will be there today.
A receptionist and clerk in Namibia is the owner of offshore businesses around the globe, her name showing up repeatedly in a shadowy web of secretive offshore companies, some with links to arms dealers and a European oil tycoon.