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Activation of ER[beta] can suppress proliferation and promote differentiation of the prostatic epithelium, counteracting the physiological action of androgen receptor activation.
The study demonstrated bladder cancer cell lines were regulated by activation of CB receptors where CB1 receptor activation played a more prominent role in proliferation and CB2 receptors were more effective in triggering the pro-inflammatory state.
GABA(B) receptor activation in the ventral tegmental area inhibits the acquisition and expression of opiate-induced motor sensitization.
9)-11)) It is now widely accepted that endocannabinoids are released from postsynaptic neurons upon postsynaptic depolarization and/or receptor activation, and act on presynaptic C[B.
Brockhoff A, Behrens M, Niv MY, Meyerhof W (2010) Structural requirements of bitter taste receptor activation.
Professor of Molecular Microbiology, Paul Williams, said that they are able to synthesize and screen a library of chemical compounds which could fit within the PqsR binding site and block receptor activation by the QS signal molecules.
Stereoselectivity of satropane, a novel tropane analog, on iris muscarinic receptor activation and intraocular hypotension.
Brain ischemia is profoundly debilitating, inducing the release of excitatory amino acids with subsequent receptor activation leading to calcium influx, metabolic and electrophysiological dysfunction and oxidative stress (including lipid peroxidation).
The fact that by cross-linking the subunits we could so dramatically reduce NMDA receptor activation demonstrates, for the first time, the tantalizing possibility that we may be able to develop new therapies that can much more effectively treat, or even one day prevent, some of these devastating diseases, like Alzheimer's and stroke," concludes Popescu.
This study was designed to determine whether the GABAA receptor activation and/or the suppression of pro-inflammatory cytokines mediate baicalin induced sleep alterations.
The Cterminal tails of tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) and Fas receptors have opposing functions in Fas-associated death domain (FADD) recruitment and can regulate agonist-specific mechanism of receptor activation.

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