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Its theory of "conservatism and the common good" seeks to rechannel the mainstream.
If we can just take all the energy that we're using on the pros and cons of a joint match and rechannel that to come up with creative ways to increase the number of residency programs or dually accredited residency programs, I think that would be .
Investor relations expert Brooke Wagner argues that companies should rechannel their energies away from the "sell side," where this problem is concentrated, and do more to court institutional investors, the "buy side.
Because of that, we're willing to rechannel our advertising money into a $10 discount for the first year of a new subscription, that is, a subscription for someone or some library who has never before subscribed.
On Tuesday, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Yoshio Yatsu said he supported the plan to rechannel streams of seawater in order to evaluate the Ariake Sea's ecosystem, by opening some or all of the eight gates built into the 7-kilometer-long dike.
Rechannel your energy and transform it into enthusiasm.
Rejecting monumentality as an expression of civic power, he argued that architec ts should rechannel the symbolic possibilities of buildings to promote democracy.
Plan proposes to rechannel nearly one trillion gallons of water.
Nominal reforms - cutting existing limits by only marginal amounts, or limiting PACs without affecting individual donors - while perhaps easier to win, would simply rechannel existing big individual donor money while reducing the clout of labor unions and other mass-based organizations that pool small donor contributions.
The preferred course is not to go after individual proteins, but to rechannel the growth into misshapen viral forms that can no longer function properly.
If they are really serious, the Duterte administration can also rechannel the pork barrel and the fund for the war on drugs for the pay increase, they added.
The West Midlands, with its strength in manufacturing and engineering, should be a great candidate to rechannel its traditional strengths into new 21st century technologies - after all, wind turbines still need nuts and bolts to stop them from falling apart.