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So, to break his strategy we need to rechannel Palestinian efforts, because we must help each other in this issue.
Manama-Nov 18 (BNA) Bahrain is weighing up plans to rechannel government subsidies to benefit low-income citizens.
The Brazilian government rejected an appeal from the Organization of American States to halt the Belo Monte project, which will rechannel the Xingu River and flood nearly 260 square miles of land, displacing some 20,000 people, including indigenous communities.
Fill your life with meaningful activities such as volunteer work, a job, hobbies or physical exercise that help rechannel negative feelings and turn the mind to positive, enjoyable thoughts.
A number of the poorest countries are essentially kleptocracies, governments that rechannel foreign aid money meant for their extremely poor citizens into their own bank accounts.
Even window-dressing attempts to merge or relaunch quangos have not gone according to plan, especially the bid to rechannel Government patronage of the arts from the supposedly elitist Scottish Arts Council to something called 'Creative Scotland'.
Coal companies, utilities, economists and environmentalists are vying to shape legislation that could rechannel hundreds of billions of dollars from one part of the economy to others.
Returning to Schnaiberg's analysis in his 1980 book, The Environment: From Surplus to Scarcity, he concludes, "If the treadmill is to be slowed and reversed, the central social agency that will have to bring this about is the state, acting to rechannel production surplus in non-treadmill directions.
The Chancellor said he would rechannel spending into projects in areas that would "make a difference".
Conservatives of our time could learn a lot from this work about how to slow down, defuse, and rechannel explosive change.
A judiciary that stood firm with a strong theory of precedent would rechannel our nation back toward democratic institutions and away from using the courts to make social policy.
Public health officials should be reassuring parents that the schools are among the safest places on Earth for their children--far safer than the family --and doing their utmost to rechannel public efforts to the venues where violence actually threatens children.