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Each bar is then checked and rechecked for quality and accuracy.
Evidence collected at the time of the murders, along with witness statements and alibi testimony, will be rechecked.
Each time data is moved or manipulated, the data blocks must be checked and rechecked for consistency.
After an uneventful shutdown, he rechecked the oil level and discovered it to be excessively low.
Solving the Year 2000 problem proves tedious, as every program must be tested, checked, and rechecked, and no "magic bullet" exists to fix everything.
Peoples Gas, in a notice to residents in the Lakemont area, reassured all customers that the area is safe and that the safety and integrity of the underground natural gas distribution system has been checked and rechecked
Once manufacturing made the repair, we rechecked the mold with the FaroArm to make sure that the alteration matched the new design.
They rechecked the ages of previously dated coral from Barbados that grew during the last interglacial, when Earth was warm and sea levels were higher than they are today.
Comparable transactions and/or companies should be rechecked, and statistical methods (such as the comparable profits method) should be recalculated.
She checked and rechecked Entine's sources and scheduled the piece for her September/October 1994 issue.
But because these tests are, in reality, processes that require multiple gages, and also are destructive which does not allow samples to be rechecked, it has become necessary to develop a new approach.