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Descriptive statistics were used to produce the percentage of drug court participants who recidivated and those who did not recidivate.
Participants who had not recidivated until three years after release and might or might not have returned to jail afterward were considered right-censored observations.
N] ln[1 - G (t; x)] (8) where T is completed duration for the set R of individuals that have recidivated, and t is current duration for the set N of individuals that have not yet recidivated.
The present analysis is an initial step in meeting this gap, and my aim is to understand how individuals who recidivated view the role of substance abuse in their reentry and recidivism experience.
Table 3 presents the distribution of youth who recidivated by Region.
These efforts may successfully rehabilitate sex offenders who otherwise would have recidivated, and may also lead to the development of more effective treatments.
6 percent of offenders who participated in CLS and successfully completed the program recidivated.
An offender was considered to have recidivated if he or she had been rearrested at least once after the date of the offender's original conviction.
Virginia collected data spanning over three years that reflected not only whether an offender recidivated but how long this process took.
9 percent of offenders participated in jail-based treatment recidivated after one year following release from jail.
In other words, detaining the entire control group would result in the needless detention of five youths to "catch" the sixth who would have recidivated within the pretrial period.