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Incidentally, if the sex offender were unrelentingly recidivistic, there is no good reason registration and notification would help ensure public safety--this same violent predator would presumably be undeterred by the publication of his name on the Internet, and precautionary efforts, short of locking one's self and one's children away from the world forever, would be futile.
Hassman, he would have us deny this specific recidivistic group care as they "taint the treatment process" for the other alcoholics who might be motivated and deserve attention.
Given the recidivistic nature of many crimes, especially sexual assault and burglary, these convicted offender profile databases are solving many serious and otherwise unsolvable crimes like the Goldsboro Night Stalker murders.
What is worrisome is that all six of the aforementioned "life science" firms--in alphabetical order: BASF, Bayer-Aventis, Dow, DuPont, Monsanto and Syngenta--are recidivistic corporate criminals.
We have recidivistic national policies, particularly with the United States, and new countries in the nuclear club.
The psychoanalytic history presented by Michot on this question does not represent a significant advance; in fact, phrases like "la bipolarite des ecritures philosophiques d'Avicenne" (103*) border on recidivistic, as does Michot's suggestion for a psychoanalysis of the alimentary metaphors in Avic enna's works (110* n.
The hypothesis tested in this study was that the presence of enuresis and cruelty to animals in juvenile firesetters would be significantly related to recidivistic firesetting.