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Welfare reform's chilling effects on noncitizens: Changes in noncitizen welfare recipiency or shirts in citizenship status?
Chart 7 traces four series over the 1979-2003 period showing recipiency rates and replacement rates.
DuMond, 1997, Workers' Compensation Recipiency in Union and Nonunion Workplaces, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 50(2): 213-236.
Gross Changes in Income Recipiency from the Survey of Income and Program Participation.
So while people are more likely to apply for disability when the economy is weak, actual recipiency increases less.
This outcome appears to be largely a result of multiple extensions to federal programs, coupled with unemployment spells of unprecedented duration, and it is likely that recipiency rates will resume falling as the economy improves.
Differences in Estimates of Public Assistance Recipiency between Surveys and Administrative Records.
For that report, GAO analyzed data on UI regular program recipiency rates provided by Labor, and GAO examined data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP), a national database maintained by the Bureau of the Census.
Economic characteristics of participants include their monthly household income, employment status, TANF recipiency status, assets, and debts.
Welfare recipiency and welfare recidivism: An analysis of the NLSY data (Discussion Paper 108196).
This difference occurs despite a higher UI recipiency rate for filers (7.