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Bilateral; two-sided; mutual; interchanged.

Reciprocal obligations are duties owed by one individual to another and vice versa. A reciprocal contract is one in which the parties enter into mutual agreements.

Reciprocal laws are statutes of one state that give rights and privileges to the citizens of another state if that state extends similar privileges to the citizens of the first state. A common example is the Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act, which is a uniform law adopted in a majority of jurisdictions, by which a tribunal in the state where a wife or mother resides is able to commence proceedings for Child Support against a husband or father who resides in another state.


adjective alternating, bilateral, common, commutual, complemental, complementary, contingent, correlative, corresponding, give and take, interchangeable, interconnected, interdependent, interrelated, mutual, mutuus, parallel, reciprocative, requited, responded to, retaliative, retaliatory, retributive, returned, two-sided
Associated concepts: reciprocal agreements, reciprocal promises, reciprocal wills
See also: coequal, cognate, common, complement, correlate, correlative, counterpart, equivalent, related, same
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If T and I are both continuous or reciprocally continuous, then they are obviously subsequentially continuous.
a) If we suppose that the statement <QP> is true, it results that <QP> is false, but reciprocally if we suppose that the statement <QP> is false, it may be possible resulting that <QP> is true.
Reciprocally, Taiwan promises to cut duties on 267 commodities, mostly industrial components, imported from China, which will cost Taiwan some US$105.
The analysis suggests that understanding access as a complex and dynamic process, and as a reciprocally maintained phenomenon of disadvantaged groups, could help with health planning.
I hope we shall be able to progress more and more, and to commit reciprocally in order to have a long-term strategy.
Nasrallah threatened in his latest speech to bomb Israeli infrastructure and important sites reciprocally if Israel were to attack Beirut.
Among accords inked were agreements to establish a free trade zone, to reciprocally abolish visas requirements, and to uplift cooperation in customs affairs.
The agreement enables Excellent Business Centers' tenants to lease flex office space at Wurk Environments' new Times Square New York City flagship at 1515 Broadway, and Wurk tenants, reciprocally, will be able to operate from an overseas European base at any of Excellent's 32 office centers throughout the Germany.
The GIAP, introduced by Gulf Air in 2007, is designed to provide its key global partners with incentives to boost their cargo traffic volumes and reciprocally ensure that Gulf Air is endorsed as a 'Core Carrier'.
Reciprocally, RERA will train DED staff on how to use the licensing procedures.
In a June 30 executive order, the president directed that, with narrow exceptions, "background investigations and adjudications shall be mutually and reciprocally accepted by all agencies.
Indeed, this works reciprocally if our partners around the world cannot easily fly to us.