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Bilateral; two-sided; mutual; interchanged.

Reciprocal obligations are duties owed by one individual to another and vice versa. A reciprocal contract is one in which the parties enter into mutual agreements.

Reciprocal laws are statutes of one state that give rights and privileges to the citizens of another state if that state extends similar privileges to the citizens of the first state. A common example is the Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act, which is a uniform law adopted in a majority of jurisdictions, by which a tribunal in the state where a wife or mother resides is able to commence proceedings for Child Support against a husband or father who resides in another state.


adjective alternating, bilateral, common, commutual, complemental, complementary, contingent, correlative, corresponding, give and take, interchangeable, interconnected, interdependent, interrelated, mutual, mutuus, parallel, reciprocative, requited, responded to, retaliative, retaliatory, retributive, returned, two-sided
Associated concepts: reciprocal agreements, reciprocal promises, reciprocal wills
See also: coequal, cognate, common, complement, correlate, correlative, counterpart, equivalent, related, same
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Mishra: Coincidence and fixed points of reciprocally continuous and compatible hybrid maps, Ind.
Polities must also secure people's basic human rights, which, on Forst's account, cover those things the denial of which could not be reciprocally and generally justified.
We also show in this study that IGF-1 reciprocally also induces the expression of leptin via the activation of mTORC 1 signaling and the transcription factor C/EBP[alpha].
Reciprocally, the contents of the third volume, which is devoted to cultural theory, can be extended to literary studies.
The Vice President and the French envoy also discussed bilateral relations between Paris and Juba, stressing the importance of reciprocally establishing a Southern Sudan Mission in Paris for promotion of diplomatic and economic relations.
Reciprocally, learners at Eton can receive free classes and discounts when they register for driving classes at EDI.
Speaking on the occasion, Chairman PTA said that PTA would provide telecom information and expertise to NUST, reciprocally it should encourage its students to undertake research in different areas of telecom sector.
Sources told the Statesman that Afghanistan would have the opportunity to export to India free through Wagah border and reciprocally Pakistan would be able to export its goods to CARs through Afghanistan.
Reciprocally, Taiwan promises to cut duties on 267 commodities, mostly industrial components, imported from China, which will cost Taiwan some US$105.
The analysis suggests that understanding access as a complex and dynamic process, and as a reciprocally maintained phenomenon of disadvantaged groups, could help with health planning.
I hope we shall be able to progress more and more, and to commit reciprocally in order to have a long-term strategy.
Nasrallah threatened in his latest speech to bomb Israeli infrastructure and important sites reciprocally if Israel were to attack Beirut.