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To add to the gag the reclinable seats also have in-flight entertainment controls on the arm, seatbelts, tray tables with "All safety instructions are present".
The Platinum Suites are the business class of cinema-going -- 140-degree reclinable plush leather seats, blankets, a luxurious waiting lounge and at-seat food and drink service.
The new seat is fully reclinable, with a seat pitch of 45", seat length of 79" and a seat width of 20.
It says here that you can watch movies of your choice from an on-board DVD library, select the gourmet meal you want, with accompanying wines, slip into a comfy pyjama suit that is yours to keep, stretch out on a fully reclinable bed, and have the cabin attendant tuck you in under your duvet, read out Bunny from the promo literature.
It is a 32 inch each between seats, fully reclinable to 8 inch, each with 9.
Backrest is reclinable and the tray has four positions to make it easier to get baby in and out.
Forget the over-hyped Gavin & Stacey (what's occurrin' is a painful descent into sitcom cliche-land) and the patronising Royle Family (yeah the working class have just discovered reclinable seats and put Stork on all food) - the funniest festive show was the Rab C.