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Such chairs recline so that the heart is below the knees for a minimum amount of stress on the spine.
Make sure your desk chair can recline - and recline as often as you can.
At the very least, travelers should tell the passenger behind them that they plan to recline, Nance said.
Dor-Val Manufacturing's 1724USB resident-room chair can recline and lock at any position.
One point of controversy is its fixed backshell, designed to save many an argument as it doesn't recline into the person seated behind.
Mr Gorodkin had said there was no way of knowing why it had continued to recline after Lee let go of the controller.
The European recline mechanism allows the back of the chair to incline when the footrest is not extended.
The MAXX Chair[TM] line features power-activated multiposition functions that help reduce the potential for back injury caused by resident moving and positioning, allowing the caregiver to position the chair in Trendelenburg, tilt-in-space, stretcher, recline, hi-lo transfer, and upright positions.
Vhen a bride is looking for her dress, she become so stressed out, she vhips out her handkerchief, vipes her brow, den recline on de Wirgin bed.