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South Korea and some other nations have asked Japan to be cautious when it comes to imposing unilateral economic sanctions against the reclusive country.
Statements by the family's GP told how the family were virtually reclusive and lived in 'very poor and dirty conditions in broken down dilapidated accommodation'.
On Friday, a group of parents of reclusive children in Saitama Prefecture are planning to visit the health ministry to submit a petition calling on officials there to seek state help on the matter.
He added that the victim led a "complex, reclusive life" and officers "hadn't scratched the surface" of his property empire, worth millions.
Keira Knightley, in suitably feisty form, p l ay s that reclusive star, who recruits a hunky criminal (Farrell looking good at least) who's just been released from prison, to act as a bodyguard and general handyman at her Holland Park mansion.
That's quite a different side to the usually reclusive Rahman
GREY GARDENS C4,9pm Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange star as daughter and mother, both named Edith Bouvier Beale, a real-life reclusive pair whose lives are almost exclusively led inside in a decaying 28-room mansion in exclusive East Hampton, which they have hardly left for more than 50 years.
My senior sources tell me of an extraordinary incident at the training ground today (no, they weren't practising defending), apparently, reclusive billionaire owner Mike Atherton telephoned beleaguered Noocarsul supremo Kevin Keegan.
After returning home, he moves to Canada and lives an odd and reclusive life in an old caboose, living largely off the land.
Described as one of the most important composers to emerge in the wake of the minimalist movement, Eastman fell by the mid 1980s into a reclusive life of alcoholism and drug abuse.
The project centers on a factual episode in the life of the reclusive Scots-born Australian painter Ian Fairweather.
The orangutan is a reclusive breed that lives only in parts of Indonesia.