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Summary: Two of Britain's most recognisable icons have been joined together in a unique collaboration.
Two of Britain's most recognisable icons have joined together in a unique collaboration.
A survey carried out by the National Lottery showed that the Gateshead sculpture was the most recognisable of a list of 20 Lotto-funded landmarks across the UK.
The most recognisable landmark in South Wales was Big Pit in Blaenavon.
Honda's futuristic Civic was the most recognisable, while Vauxhall's Zafira was the most anonymous.
A spokesman said: "The majority of drivers can identify iconic vehicles such as the VW Beetle, Mini and Porsche, immediately but the new Honda Civic's performance in our survey proves that bolder designs can be just as recognisable.
Liverpool-born Tom, 72, was chosen for the role because of his instantly recognisable voice.
In a recent poll of celebrity voices, his was voted the fourth most recognisable voice in the UK, behind the Queen, Tony Blair, and Margaret Thatcher.
A Sunday newspaper claimed the SNP had virtually no recognisable public figures and that deputy leader John Swinney and vice convener Nicola Sturgeon are practically unknown to the electorate.
But SNP leader Alex Salmond stated: "Our politicians are more recognisable to the general public than Scottish Office ministers.