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Dimovski once again called upon the necessity to brand the Macedonian agricultural products especially the ones recognizable for their quality and origin which are preferred by consumers.
People complained that the cars were not clearly recognizable and they did not get any chance of deciding whether they want to get clicked or not.
7 brand as recognizable for American women as it is for their British counterparts, according to company executives, who note that the 77 year-old brand has been used by four generations of Brits.
Therefore, she worked with the public affairs section to help develop an embassy logo incorporating the most recognizable symbol of the United States, the American flag, with the words Amerikai Nagykovetseg below, eliminating the need to say "U.
One of the most iconic sights in London is about to change its shape--it will still be recognizable for what it is, but will be more refined, better equipped and more efficient that its predecessors.
The Other White Meat" was one of the five most recognizable taglines in American advertising.
Originally constructed in 1888 by famed architects Daniel Burnham and John Root, and later remodeled by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1905, The Rookery Building is steeped in history and has long been one of Chicago's most recognizable landmarks.
If we do not have immediate and recognizable progress we feel like quitting.
One of the newest additions to the "Model Railroader" book list, Realistic Model Railroad Building Blocks: An Introduction To Layout Design Elements by model railroading expert Tony Koester focuses upon how to apply Layout Design Elements--that is, visually and operationally recognizable models of small parts of a full-sized railroad--to create a more realistic and aesthetically pleasing model railroad.
The simplistic and colorful illustrations portray easily recognizable animals in this fun book to read aloud--especially just prior to a zoo field trip
Students immediately find common ground between themselves and the characters, find the plots recognizable, and find the themes relevant to their lives.
He pops in a CD with one hand, points a camera out the window with the other, and records himself singing over himself singing over some beloved borrowing from the pop archive in an infinite sonic regress in which the original tune is scarcely recognizable.