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Not that we won't still be recognizably human, with our share of failings.
Scholars have long regarded the later seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries as a period of fundamental change when Britain went from Laslett's distant lost world to one in which many aspects of life are recognizably modern.
Cook and Fournier kept within the site boundary, and their amoebalike form allowed them to follow the irregularities of the site while still producing a recognizably unified form.
The genius of the mongrel race is that it not only absorbs influences from other lands and cultures, but also turns them into something specifically and recognizably English.
He was also recognizably the same man who would later write the free love odysseys Stranger in a Strange Land and Time Enough for Love.
In "1964: The Beginning of a Beginning," Harcourt identifies the cultural and political implications of the start, however accidental and clandestine it may have been (given both films were intended to be documentaries), of something vitally important to a still very young Canadian cinematic culture: the possibilities of creating relevant, recognizably Canadian fiction feature films.
Fleming has compiled the work of 19 writers who approach their work from different points along the recognizably diverse spectrum of black male experience.
But like Sue Cleaver's Eileen Grimshaw and Our Vera, whose voice alone can jangle a man's nerves like banjo wire, they are recognizably real.
Nor is it lacking in local musical influences--regional percussion instruments and recognizably South American rhythmic patterns contrast with the Latin texts to create a fascinating juxtaposition of old- and new-world flavors.
After two weeks of rapid-fire cell division, the clump of cells is poised to become recognizably human.
The entire mentality of this article seems to me wholly alien to anything recognizably Catholic.
I remember her as a lovely young lady; very, very bright--and recognizably so at a young age," says David Haskins, MD, Wyllie's childhood pediatrician.