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In this composition we find it difficult to recognize the Willis who has written so many mere "verses of society.
That is all well and good," said D'Artagnan; "the idea is agreeable enough, and I recognize M.
Our gracious sovereign recognizes his high vocation and will be true to it.
Talk about the weather and other well-bred topics is apt to seem a hollow device, and behavior can hardly become easy unless it frankly recognizes a mutual fascination--which of course need not mean anything deep or serious.
He is at some obvious pains to "punish vice and reward virtue," but I do not mean that easy morality when I praise his; I mean the more difficult sort that recognizes in each man's soul the arbiter not of his fate surely, but surely of his peace.
You have seen it demonstrated a thousand times--a dog recognizes your voice and looks at you.
There are some women, beautiful or plain, whose sex one scarcely recognizes.
Johnny recognizes the dog as the same breed as the pair Haggin, of Meringe, must possess.
Perhaps she might know me, when she recognizes nobody else.
He recognizes the lower form of right opinion, as well as the higher one of science, in the spirit of one who desires to include in his philosophy every aspect of human life; just as he recognizes the existence of popular opinion as a fact, and the Sophists as the expression of it.
As for the authority of parents, and the innocence of children, our law recognizes no claim on it either in the one case or in the other.
France recognizes her Emperor, the cuckoo flits from steeple to steeple; France cries with one voice, 'Long live the Emperor