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6 million plundered amount of the food ministry, Rs40 million have been recovered while the remaining will also be recollected from the accused.
NNA - 12/2/2011 Caretaker Trade and Economy minister Mohammad Safadi, recollected on the late Hariri' s achievements saying he' d worked indomitably for Lebanese national unity.
It's going to be drones from here on out," recollected Duma.
While the account concedes that when one recollects one's attitude to what is recollected cannot be one of observation, it nevertheless accommodates the notion that episodic recollection involves a form of mental time travel--a case of revisiting, or reacquaintance with, some past episode.
Will validate compliance information against EU RoHS, China RoHS, Korea RoHS, Halogen-Free, and Norwegian PoHS; report compliance status on all parts or BoMs; provide validation on the required material composition substances for each component and aggregate the status to products or BoMs; determine if test reports or certificates need to be recollected.
We had always recollected the name but not the accomplishments.
Caption: THE MANATEE COUNTY BAR recently recognized and recollected several decades of leadership and growth among the association and paid tribute to its past presidents.
He said: "In an extraordinarily closely contested last round, in which the judges felt the level of the shortlisted novels was as high as it can ever have been, they have agreed to award the Man Booker Prize to John Banville's The Sea, a masterly study of grief, memory and love recollected
REBNY's more than 100 year history lends itself to numerous other important moments that cannot possibly be recollected in a short article.
Sera were recollected and tested for IgM and IgG antibodies to WNV with current kits from these 2 companies.
Their muted, almost ashen palette suits the recollected moments from Robert Bresson's Dostoyevskian story of a young woman's suicide.
For Patrizi, the poet's divine inspiration was the effect of the cosmic order of the universe, which the poet recollected and organized through what Lina Bulzoni defines as Patrizi's rationalistic channeling of the Platonic "furor" by way of knowledge and culture (Rinaldi, 52).