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Recollecting the Arundel Circle argues that colonialist exploration and collecting classical art were not disparate interests, but in fact occupied the same imaginative space in Arundel's mind.
The process of learning is thus one of recollecting this knowledge, and it knows no bounds:
Ms Miller, from Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, began to create bronze sculptures in the 1970s, recollecting her childhood in the village.
Praeterita is a consciously obliging narrative--Ruskin's friends and relatives hoped that in recollecting happier days he might avert the spells of insanity that increasingly overtook him--but the polemicist could not utterly suppress his appetite for confrontation and controversy.
According to an interpretation that has dominated the literature, which the author refers to as the traditional interpretation, the recollection argument aims at establishing the thesis that our learning in this life consists in recollecting knowledge the soul acquired before being born into a body, or thesis R, by using the thesis that there exist forms, thesis F, as a premise.
Recollecting her first visit to the street in April 1997, the artist couldn't pin down just what it was about this particular house that inspired her.
The reader must parody herself, and resign herself to the task of recollecting the remains of Others so that she can re-collect her own "self.
There were 4 groups who clenched their hands; One group clenched their right fist for about 90 seconds immediately prior to memorizing the list and then did the same immediately prior to recollecting the words.
Wirthlin, who arrived in Moscow as a 13-year-old not knowing if "anyone had civilization outside of America," misses the Russian culture recollecting on her time spent there.
The inherent tenuousness of recollecting an artmaking practice that dreamed of democratizing the realm of the aesthetic by employing low-tech material's is highlighted by Kolbowski's use of a slickly designed, state-of-the-art Bang & Olufsen Beosound 9000 CD player in the installation.
The difficulties of interpreting meaning pose dilemmas not only for those recollecting the past, but also among characters sharing the same narrative present.
It seems to me that the president unequivocally denied recollecting being alone with Monica Lewinsky.