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Indeed Boyle incorporates virtually everything McRae had to say about recollective and reflective innatism into her tripartite schema (26).
Thus, translations neglect here to convey Hegel's idea of a recollective and simultaneously anticipatory function of philosophy.
To this list Rorty adds an appreciation of Hegel's conception of the philosophical enterprise as Nachdenken, as a kind of edifying recollective summary.
Declines in recollective memory - recalling a word or event exactly - were a feature of normal aging.
What do these stories tell us about memory, specifically recollective memory?
Preston notes Browne's increasing ambivalence about this project, finding that Urne Buriall "dismisses its own recollective project while enacting it; and Musaeum Clausum extends this with a collection which tells only of the failure to preserve it" (173).
Central to Augustine's recollective reading of Psalm 4 is his
And the most symbolic proof of the traumas Turkey has experienced, as well as the weight on its recollective powers, becomes evident in the Alevis' support of the CHP despite the Dersim massacres carried out by Mustafa Kemal and ysmet ynE[micro]nE-.
The process of autobiographical self-invention, then, is a labour undertaken in conjunction with recollective slowness--a narrative that seeks to re-imagine, re-collect and refashion the past cannot partake of unbridled acceleration.
Factors affecting conscious awareness in the recollective experience of adults with Asperger's syndrome.