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The [Bodily] Recollective Awareness [of Bhairava-Devi] is a sounding (sabdana), an internal talking.
Furthermore, our results support the strategy of investigating autobiographical memories in their phenomenal qualities as recollective experiences and in the properties subjects attribute to events.
The creative or recollective power that enables Lily to feel that she has captured the essence of the past also frees her from the sense of loss or of distance from the earlier period that she so vividly recalls; yet partly because it involves such a transformation of her subjective consciousness, the extent to which her "vision" is an accurate one, rather than an imaginative recreation of the past, remains ambiguous.
A powerful synergy between recogimiento and Christ emerges since it occurs in this first definition given of recogimiento, the definition which describes the totality of the recollective undertaking.
His running commentary of the recollective events onstage is zestful, humorous, affectionate, and gently sardonic.
Autobiographical memory is reflexive: "in recollective experience the subject (the rememberer) takes herself as object" (Conway 1992:4).
Remember responses assess participants' conscious recollective experiences, whereas know responses reflect an automatic process of feeling of familiarity.
The recollective poems that make up the fourth section of Sally's Hair would be a case in point.
This purely recollective process is the one generally assumed in academic and commercial research on sponsorship effectiveness.
Even if recollection of such events and incidences is done first, the problem still remains concerning the accuracy of recollective accounts due to problems of memory attrition as well as their credibility as accurate sources of personal data.
These cues can distort the recollective process to the extent that the rememberer produces an honest response that does not, in fact, represent his or her independent memory.
And for some purposes the exact circumstances of the recollective act are of limited significance: an understanding of oral transmission is a critical, as well as a philological, tool.