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The damaged aircraft have been repaired and have now recommenced regular operations.
Dubai ports firm DP World has already said it has recommenced operations at Sokhna port, a critical transit point for goods into Cairo.
On Sunday (10 June) both carriers refuted that actual merger negotiations had recommenced, and stated that the talks between their CEOs had been 'general' in nature.
Gas production has recommenced on March 5, 2009 with gas flowing through the Kyzyloi Booster Compressor Station (BCS) into the Bukhara-Urals gas trunkline system.
As of today, we have recommenced market-making activities in those securities for which we acted as managing underwriter, and expect to resume full market-making activities early next week,'' said Kye Hellmers, vice chairman of the Boston Group, in a statement.
Best believes that Steamship London's risk-adjusted capitalisation is likely to improve as absolute capitalisation increases through the retention of surplus and underwriting risk stabilises as the business matures (Steamship London recommenced underwriting in 2003).
Uzbekistan has recommenced gas supplies to the South of Kazakhstan.
The Luilu metallurgical facility has recommenced production of copper and cobalt metal.
Additionally, Enterprise reported that the majority of its affected facilities have recommenced operations.
On Tuesday, American Samoa s Inter Island Air has recommenced its flights en route for Samoa, which was grounded for a week over hiccups with the engine of its Dornier aircraft fleet.
The relocation of the police is expected to be completed within the week and mining at Plant-North is expected to be authorized and recommenced soon thereafter.
TSX VENTURE:SGC) has recommenced drilling on the Adi Nefas Gossan prospect part of the Asmara Project in Eritrea.