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We recommend that the Welsh Government increase the period of exemption from empty property rates for new development or significant refurbishment of existing property on a speculative basis in all areas of Wales.
Providers' reluctance to recommend using the male condom was also based on their concerns about its effectiveness in preventing pregnancy.
From personal experience, I can wholeheartedly recommend serving as a member of a company's board of directors and audit committee.
However, he recommends adding an ingredient not usually found in traditional chicken soup recipes: hot peppers.
In addition, the GAO report recommends that the AICPA or the SEC require independent auditors to report directly to the SEC when an audit relationship is terminated.
Q2: Why does CDC recommend nevirapine for HIV-infected individuals, but does not recommend the drug for PEP?
1, the CPA may recommend a return position, prepare or sign a return that departs from the prior return treatment of an item in an administrative proceeding or court decision.
From these inputs, CAMMS-B will recommend barrel and nozzle temperatures, mold and water temperatures for cavity and core sides, a 10-step injection profile (calculated to maintain a uniform speed of flow-front advancement), four-step screw-speed profile, suckback position, velocity/pressure changeover position, five-step holding-pressure profile, and a breakdown of times for plasticating, filling, holding, cooling and total cycle.
80 percent "strongly" or "somewhat strongly" recommend automatic enrollment;
We are extremely pleased that Glass Lewis recommends that Onyx shareholders vote for the M2M transaction and we encourage our shareholders to vote for the merger with M2M ahead of the special meeting on August 1," said Janice P.
Ironically, the Districts with the most compliant taxpayers -- those whose returns are correct as filed -- would score poorly under this standard because there would be fewer adjustments to recommend.
We recommend that the MTC adopt the Regulation and the commentary as an entire package.