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He said the report, which he could submit as early as Monday after several weeks of investigation by his committee, would identify the culprits and the charges he would recommend against them.
For patients with either an elevated TRV or an elevated NT-pro-BNP level, the guidelines strongly recommend against pulmonary hypertensive-specific therapies such as prostanoid, endothelin-receptor antagonist, and phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor therapy.
Recommend against biopsy Recommend for biopsy 1 2 3 4 5 2.
EAST BROOKFIELD -- Selectmen have decided to recommend against shutting off a large number of streetlights in town to save money.
It is easy to recommend against use of a specific drug (valproic acid, for instance) because of a higher risk of malformations, but if seizure control is not possible with alternative therapeutic regimens, such recommendations are difficult to implement.
If a journal is distributed free ( while depending on advertisements from pharma companies as major source of revenue) it positively recommends specific drugs, while journals funded solely by subscriptions usually recommend against the use of drugs.
DOWNING Street yesterday signalled that Gordon Brown remains determined to tighten the law on cannabis, despite reports that the official advisory body is set to recommend against reclassification.
The new advice reads: "We recommend against all but essential travel to Pakistan until further notice.
We strenuously recommend against using it to play fetch or Frisbee golf.
Currently, most scientists and doctors recommend against taking melatonin supplements preventatively, although some research indicates that melatonin combined with chemotherapy can improve survival rates for cancer patients.
What's on readers' minds: Local issues took center stage this week, with news that the Oregon Department of Transportation intended to recommend against building the controversial West Eugene Parkway leading the list.
It's true that medical professionals recommend against needless ultrasound screenings -- not because the practice has been proven harmful, but, as with all medical procedures, there's always a risk.